Why I Chose Beautycounter

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My transition into using safer products has been a long time coming. Before you start making assumptions that I may let my underarm hair go, don’t wear deodorant and don’t wash my hair (honestly, not that there’s anything wrong with that), let me tell you where I’ve been.

I’ve had skin issues ever since I can remember. I finally convinced my mom to take me to the doctor in junior high, when I was officially diagnosed with eczema. I’ve always had to be really careful about the kinds of products I use. So, I’ve honestly used the same regimen for more than half of my life. In the winter, the only thing that would get me through the night without scratching my legs until they bled was steroid creams. In college I started noticing my eczema spreading from my extremities to my face. There would be times where it looked like I literally got punched in the eye due to the redness and inflammation. Then, after I had my first baby, it got worse. I became allergic to products I had been using for years and received an additional diagnosis of sebhorreic dermatitis. I now had to wash my face every day with a medicated wash and received an additional prescription for steroid ointment I could use on my face.

My husband also has dealt with what we thought were allergies. Every time I would collect the garbage from the house, half of the garbage was tissue from him blowing his nose. He went to the doctor for testing and after not having any reactions, he was diagnosed with rhinosinusitis. This could possibly be fixed with reconstructive surgery (seriously… why would we do a surgery that MIGHT work) or he could take a Benadryl every night for the rest of his life.

I thought this was our normal.

Through all of this, I had two part time jobs. I worked at the RiverPlex in Peoria as a Personal Training Coordinator and also at a salon as a Cosmetologist. Health was important to me. I watched what I ate and tried to receive as much of my nutrition from natural sources. I also worked out at least 5-6 days/week teaching classes or training for marathons. I was also around beauty products almost every day for hair and skin. I not only worked with clients for cut, color and styling, but I also specialized in wedding hair and makeup.

My mom and I running our third half marathon in Seattle. We’ve now hit 9 states. Only 41 more to go!

Airbrush makeup in my earlier days!

In the Spring of 2015, I decided to take my first dive into the world of instructing Yoga. Through out the next year, I started realizing that what I was putting IN my body was just as important as what I was putting ON my body. I was learning so much from my yoga trainings, I had a friend diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, and I didn’t want to assume this was my normal. I started seeking change in my daily routines.

My first step was jumping on the band wagon of essential oils. I joined doTERRA and started changing over all of our household products to those made with natural ingredients. All of our cleaners were slowly changed over to homemade. Through this change alone, my husband’s allergies decreased to almost unnoticeable. Our garbage cans were no longer filled with kleenex due to his ‘allergies’. We simply didn’t have the added fragrances in our home, which seemed to be the source of his sneezing fits.

Then, in the Spring of 2016, a friend reached out to me regarding Beautycounter. Of course, I was skeptical. It’s pretty typical that with more natural ingredients that the quality of the products aren’t as good. I agreed to try out some of the products, which she dropped off to me one night before leaving on vacation. I tried them and let me tell you…. I was hooked. My skin felt so hydrated and smooth. I didn’t break out or experience any allergic reactions, which is literally a miracle for my skin. Then, to realize that these products were safer than those that I was currently using. Where do I sign up?

I became a member under my consultant so I could start getting credit for products I was purchasing, without the pressure of meeting sales goals as a consultant. I slowly switched over most of my skin care and makeup routine this way. I just set aside money every month to make small purchases as I ran out of old product at home. Then, in the Spring of 2017, I decided to jump in. I knew I was never going back to using anything else. I had completely rid my cabinets of all medicated washes and ointments. My then 3 year old’s skin was the best it had ever been by using the kid’s line (he ended up inheriting my sensitive skin as well!). All with knowing that I’m making the best choice for me and my family by using products that are low in allergens and don’t contain those nasty hormone disruptors or carcinogens.

I took the job in March 2017!

In the first month of being a consultant I was able to earn everything back that I paid when first signing up. And, I was able to promote myself in my second month in the business – all within 2 months of having my second child.

So, am I a full blow hippie now? Maybe a little bit. 🙂 But, I know that these choices are what’s best for me and my family. I also know that I won’t ever feel as if I didn’t do everything in my power to make better strides towards a healthier, happier me.

I’ve had an incredible journey so far and I’m so excited to see where this company may take me. Do you want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Amber Parkinson
Senior Consultant, Beautycounter